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Calcutta Chapter

Alzheimer's And Related Disorders Society of India
Care & Support For Dementia

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About 3.2 million people in India are affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia. By 2016 there will be 113 million people over 60 and above. Of which 10% of them over 65 and almost half of them over 85 will have the disease.

You have Alzheimer's Disease 
and you are losing the power 
to remember - to reason - to understand, 
to do the simple tasks 
we take for granted: 
to put on a shoe - 
to button a shirt - 
to read a book - 
to remember a face or name.
It is a hard thing to understand - 
to ac cept ... 
but I know you cannot help it - 
cannot act otherwise. 
I must take you as you are and expect not more, but less.

---- a caregiver's thought.

In a way, ARDSI Calcutta feels like my second home. A family atmosphere full of genuine love and care. Patient, warm and caring staff and an amazing and tireless campaigner in Nilanjana. This is the role model of dementia care in India, and from it UK could learn many a lessons. Thank you eternally to the staff for the kindness and friendship they have shown to me and thank you for all you do on behalf of your wonderful, inspirational clients. Lots of love from your UK friend, Claire Betts.

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